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What time can I check in?
You can check in at Camperpark Urk all year round via the check-in terminal or the AanUit app. The barrier is open from midnight to midnight.

Until what time can I check out?
You can leave the Camper Park between 00.00 and 24.00. The overnight stay is per 24 hours. For example: you check in at 3 pm, then you can check out until 3 pm.

Is there a maximum number of days?
No, you can stay as long as you want.

How does AanUit.net work?
With AanUit.net you can easily switch on your accommodation and electricity. Sign up for free. Then check in and turn on the power. Just like the power points of AanUit.net, the pitches have a unique five-digit number or location name. By entering this number or location name you activate your stay and the associated costs. These costs are billed monthly.

Is it possible to reserve a place?
It is not possible to reserve a place at the motorhome park. If you have the AanUit app, you can see how many places use electricity; this gives a good indication whether there are still enough places available, after which you can arrive safely.

Terrain information

Can I bring my dog ​​during my stay?
Yes, you can bring your dog. Dogs must be kept on a leash and may only be walked outside the grounds. Do you make sure to have a cleaning shovel and bag with you? Dogs are of course not allowed in the swimming pool, playground or sanitary building.

How big is my motorhome pitch?
The camper pitches are all approximately 4 meters wide with an adjacent green area for your seat or privacy. The pitches differ in depth from about 8 to about 10 meters. A camper with trailer is not allowed. A camper with a small trailer is.

Are barbecues allowed?
Barbecueing with charcoal/briquettes is only allowed if you take the necessary precautions. Use a safe barbecue, keep fire extinguishers at hand and do not use spirits, but firelighters. Fire pits are allowed with the same conditions and may not cause nuisance during use (think of splash-free wood, a metal plate under the fire pit against burnt grass, etc.)

How many amps of electricity do the motorhome pitches have?
All motorhome pitches have 16 amp electricity.

What kind of material can I put under my awning?
Everything is allowed under your awning, but we prefer a perforated rubber mat.

Can I put an extra tent next to the camper?
Unfortunately, an additional tent is not allowed here. During the camping season, we ask you to find a motorhome pitch at the campsite; here it is allowed (for a small fee).

General information

Is there a washing machine, dryer and centrifuge on the campsite? 
The campsite has a launderette. This is in the main sanitary building. Using the washing machine costs €5.00, including detergent. The drying machine costs €3.00. There is no centrifuge at the campsite. The launderette can be used via a payment terminal. You need an access pass to access the launderette. This is available at reception (during opening hours) against payment of a deposit (€5.00). You will receive the deposit back upon return.

Does Camperpark Urk have facilities for disabled people?
During the camping season (April to September) you can use the main sanitary building at the nearby Urkerbos Holiday Park. Here is a toilet with toilet brackets. There is also a family shower with stool. This can also be used for disabled guests.

Can I do my shopping at Camperpark Urk?
During the camping season (April to September) you can use the mini-shop in the reception at the nearby Urkerbos Holiday Park. Here you can find small (forgotten) articles and buy camping articles. Every morning (also only during the season) it is possible to pick up baked bread rolls at the reception. You must order this the day before.
The nearest supermarket (Jumbo) is 2.5 km away.

Are bicycles also rented out at Camperpark Urk?
During the camping season (April to September) you can rent bicycles for one or more days (from € 10.00 per day) at the nearby Urkerbos Holiday Park. There are only a limited number of bicycles for rent, so reservations are recommended.

Does Camperpark Urk also have cycling and walking routes?
Various cycling and walking routes are available at the reception of the nearby Holiday Park Urkerbos during the camping season (April to September). You can also obtain the bicycle junction map of the Noordoostpolder here.

Is there WiFi at Camperpark Urk?
We have wireless internet. The internet at the campsite is so-called 'Camping WiFi'. That means the internet is for vacation use; Sending a holiday photo to family via WhatsApp or Facebook works fine. Downloading movies and watching HD live streams is unfortunately not possible. Use of WiFi amplifiers is not allowed; you are duping other guests.

Is showering and (hot) water free?
No, it is not free, showering costs €0.50. But we have a new shower building so you can shower all year round. If it is busy during the high season, you can pick up a shower ticket at reception (deposit 5 euros) to shower in one of the two toilet buildings on the campsite.

When is the Camperpark Urk open?
Camperpark Urk is open all year round.


Is the reception of Holiday Park Urkerbos open daily?
In high season, the reception is open daily from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM with a lunch break from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM. On Sundays, the reception is closed at 5:30 PM. In the early and late season, the reception is open daily from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm with a lunch break from 12.30 pm to 2 pm.

What are the opening hours of the snack corner at Holiday Park Urkerbos?
On weekends and holidays, the snack corner is open from 12:00 to 21:00. Opening hours may change, for current opening times, please see the signs.
In the low season, the snack corner is not open during the week.
The snack corner is completely closed in the winter.